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Media utilities

This page is dedicated to various media applications made by Solveig Multimedia

SolveigMM AVI Demultiplexer — DirectShow Filter + OpenSource under MIT License

The DirectShow filter to split AVI files to video/audio/subtitles streams.

SolveigMM MP4/3GP to ASF — Console application

The console application that re-multiplexes 3GP/MP4 files with AVC video (with or without B frames) to ASF format to be compatible with Microsoft Play Ready DRM platform (can be played back on Android devices like Samsung Galaxy S) using Elecard MP4 Demuxer and SolveigMM ASF Multiplexer DirectShow filters. It also extracts video/audio elementary streams from ASF, adding ADTS headers to AAC audio.

SolveigMM BMP to AVI — .NET application + DLL + DirectShow filter

The project is a DirectShow filter to produce the video stream from input BMP pictures(24-32bits), Visual C++ DLL, providing the necessary functions to operate with the filter and Visual C# application to use the DLL API. The available functions are muxing BMPs into the AVI with the given frame duration. The output can be compressed with one of the available encoders or uncompressed (RGB24). The DLL allows getting information from AVIs, like the frame size, compression method, the frame duration and total number of frames in the given AVI. Also DLL can be used to get the screen shot (24bit BMP) of the exact frame from existing AVI file.

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DV to WMV Editor 1.0
File: SolveigMM_DV2WMV_1_0_1002_20.zip
Size: 0.08
Ver/Date: 1.0.1002.20, 2010 Feb 20
Description: SolveigMM DV to WMV Editor. Find time code breakes and transcode segments to WMV files
AVI Editing Plugin for Elecard XMuxer 1.3
File: SolveigMM_Trimmer_Plugin_for_XMuxer_1_3_912_22.zip
Size: 0.87
Ver/Date: 1.3.912.22, 2009 Dec 22
Description: SolveigMM AVI Editing Plugin to add AVI files support to Elecard XMuxer application
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