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22 December 2016

Christmas Special 2016

Just a few days left before Christmas… 
And here comes your chance to make yourself and your nearest a great gift!


With 36% off! 

 Until Jan. 21, 2017!

Solveig Multimedia offers an incredible Christmas discount for all home and professional products!
Wondering why 36%? Our special offer math is pretty straightforward: 

Christmas 2016 = 20+16 = 36% off.

The sale spans the entire month – from December 21, 2016, to January 21, 2017!

•    Video Splitter for fast and lossless video editing – $31.97 $49.95
•    HyperCam for easy screencasting – $25.57 $39.95
•    SolveigMM WMP Trimmer Plugin to enable editing in Windows Media Player – $22.37 $34.95
•    Zond 265 for in-depth HEVC/AVC analysis – $889.6 $1390

Act now before you get carried away with the Christmas rush and post-New Year business.

SolveigMM wishes you happy holidays and all the best in 2017. 
Stay tuned for new technology and enhanced capabilities in the coming year!


Merry Christmas 2017

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