Zond 265 —
Hevc analyzer

First-to-market tool for visual in-depth analysis of
HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264, AV1, EVC, MPEG-2 video bitstreams
  • Frame size histogram and color highlighting of I,P,B frames. Marking of reference frames for the current picture
  • Easy frame-by-frame navigation
  • Comprehensive analysis of supported video: HEVC/H.265, AVC/H264, AV1, MPEG-2 in VES, TS, MP4 and EVC in VES
  • Granular visualization of all video stream levels and decoding stages
Ozer, Jan. Video Encoding by the Numbers: Eliminate the Guesswork from your Streaming Video. Publisher: Doceo Publishing, 2016. Print

«...Again, if you're deep into HEVC codec development, or really into learning about how HEVC works, it's an essential tool...»

Joe Tozer, Zetrox Ltd., author "The Broadcast Engineer's Reference Book"

«As a broadcast consultant and trainer specialising in compression and delivery systems Zond 265 is an invaluable tool for analysing, visualising and demonstrating the various structures, data and buffering in an HEVC stream, the graphical interface is clear, intuitive and easy to use; stream error analysis links directly to the standards documents for quick understanding and debugging. Great tool.»

Victor Klykov, Senior Engineer in Software Development, Skype Video DSP team, Stockholm

«My colleagues and me searched for the HEVC analyzer for developing HEVC codec for a long time. We chose the solution with a great care, in particular, compared various tools. For a variety of reasons (visualization, simplicity, etc.), we decided on Zond 265. The test stream was opened, we checked how the theory corresponded to what should be visualized, and as a result, the work on our own codec was completed successfully. Zond got the highest mark from our team!»

Mark Kogan, Senior Professional Video technology and compression Expert

I am an independent Video technology expert which is very well connected and known in the local and international Video technology market. I was looking for the solution that should serve me for longer terms. Zond 265 was one of many solutions that I have evaluated. I do like Zond 265 as it can show VBV, bitrate and video buffer analysis on GUI and get the reports via CLI. Zond analysis tool, provides a suitable and important information for advance + basic level video analysis with relatively great "user friendly" UI. It is also going to be recommended for all my professional colleagues in the video industry.

Maxim Sharabayko, Senior Video Codec Architect

I appreciate Zond 265 for its informative GUI and powerfull command-line features that allow me to export the required data into JSON format and do further processing. Zond 265 notifyes if there are values of the syntax elements that were coded not compliant to the standard, which serves well.

Neil Hollingum, Perpetual Solutions

«I am using your product now not just in courses on H.265 but also on Adaptive Streaming, H.264, MPEG-Dash and CloudTV to demonstrate the differences in encoding efficiency for different Codec implementation within Azure and AWS as well as freestanding products. The fact that now almost any normal file format is supported and several additional Codecs too, it makes life very easy for us to demonstrate key differences in encoding profiles. You clearly have some very bright and knowledgeable people working on the development of your product and I wish you well in marketing it throughout the Industry.»

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Detection and Analysis

Frame-by-frame parsing and interpretation of SEI units into discrete Frame Information.

Hypothetic Reference Decoder (HRD) Buffer Flow

Instant insights into buffer occupancy — available from the interface and through CLI reports.

Comprehensive File Info in a Single Source

including profile, level, chroma subsampling, bit depth, resolution, aspect ratio, bitrate, frame rate, HDR information, compression efficiency, and GOP length statistics.

Bitrate Histogram

Bitrate peak values update every second in the course of consecutive frame reading.

ZOND 265 —
your indispensable tool
  • Visualized bits distribution statistics to facilitate encoding of CU, PU, and TU data
  • HEVC stream validation conformance according to the specification in GUI and CLI
  • Showing hints for HEVC and AVC elements as special quotes
  • Quality estimation by Netflix VMAF, PSNR and MSSIM metrics
  • Fast translucent overlays of encoded file image (CU, PU, TU, QP, Bits, Refldx, PNSR) for Ultra HD files.
  • Report generation from CLI into CSV and JSON for HEVC format
Documentation – Check ZOND online documentation
Supported file formats
Supported codec
Supported languages
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Supported platforms
Zond 265 is a pioneering visual tool for in-depth analysis of HEVC/H.265, AVC/H.264, EVC, AV1 and MPEG-2 video bitstreams. A must-have solution for developers of HEVC decoding/encoding/transcoding hardware and software, it adds value by boosting R&D and QA and reducing validation costs.
Zond 265 x64 5.5
Zond 265 5.1
Zond 265 Mac 5.5
Zond 265 Linux x64 5.5
Zond 265 Linux 5.1
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Format support Windows Linux MacOS
Transport Stream HEVC, MPEG2 HEVC HEVC, MPEG2
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*billed annually
*billed monthly
  • HEVC, EVC, AVC, MPEG-2, AV1 support
  • For 1 PC
  • Online activation only

*billed annually
*billed monthly
  • HEVC, EVC, AVC, MPEG-2, AV1 support
  • CLI reporting
  • For 1 PC
  • Online / offline activation

Zond 265 is licensed by End-User License Agreement Commercial and is intended for the professional use. For this reason, Zond 265 is appropriate to use in the company for its internal needs. Zond 265 can be licensed under OEM rules and restrictions.

Business Teams
*billed annually
  • HEVC, EVC, AVC, MPEG-2, AV1 support
  • CLI reporting
  • Floating license (Multiple PCs)
  • Online / offline activation

Zond 265 is licensed by End-User License Agreement Commercial and is intended for the professional use. For this reason, Zond 265 is appropriate to use in the company for its internal needs. Zond 265 can be licensed under OEM rules and restrictions.

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Business Teams

Quality Only the first frame Only the first frame
Stream stats Details for the first frame Details for the first frame
TU info First TU of the first frame First TU of the first frame
Technical support
Offline activation
Commercial usage
License is valid for 1 PC 1 PC 1 PC multiple PCs
(Concurrent usage restricted by the number of licenses)
Cancel subscription You can cancel your subscription at any time.
Updates All updates and upgrades are free of charge as long as the subscription stays active.
PC and Floating Licenses

The PC license is valid and locked to a single computer.

The Floating offline license lives and managed by a license server that must be run in the same intranet network as the client PCs, on which the software is used.
The Floating online license is managed by a Solveig Multimedia's online license server and requires an active Internet access.
The license allows installing Zond 265 on any number of PCs and use it simultaneously with as many users as licenses were purchased.

Update and Upgrade policy

Customers are entitled to minor and major version updates and upgrades free of charge, provided that your maintenance period is active.

You may request to re-host a personal or floating license to a different computer once a year free of charge upon the valid maintenance. If you want to re-host a license within one year after the last re-host, a re-host fee will be charged.

Please refer to the EULAC for more information.

Technical requirements

OS: Windows: 7, 8, 10, 11;
Linux Ubuntu, debian-based: 16.04 (for x86 versions), 24.04 and above (for x64 versions);
Mac OS: 10.10 and above

CPU: Core i7 920 or newer

RAM: 4GB or more

How it looks

Zond 265 GUI
Netflix VMAF. How to measure video quality with VMAF in Zond
How to use a bitrate viewer in Zond 265
No-reference video quality assessment of H.264 video in Zond 265

Our customers


The video analyzer Zond 265 is a professional product  and a powerful toolset which allows a user to easily identify visual artifacts or bitstream compliance problems, see the video encoding elements. This software from Solveig Multimedia is designed for a comprehensive analysis of the video streams.

When the tool first appeared support of the HEVC / H.265 video standard analysis was the main video analyzer feature. Therefore initially the software was especially useful for developers. With its help they were able to create programs and codecs compatible with HEVC / H.265.

Main features of the video analysis with Zond 265

  • Estimate video compression quality based on several popular metrics - Netflix VMAF, PSNR and MSSIM with the video quality analyzer.
  • Observe the instant buffer fullness.
  • Get complete information about the file (including profile, level, croma subsampling, color bit depth, video stream resolution format, aspect ratio, number of bits used for data transmission / processing per unit of time, frame rate) as well as information about HDR, compression efficiency, GOP length statistics.
  • Obtain a graph of the statistical distribution of frame size and color identification of different types of frames (I, B, P).
  • Analyze bit distribution. In the course of video analysis you get access to the statistics and visualization of bits distribution that were used for coding CU, PU and TU data, followed by displaying the results as a table.
  • Detect errors in the HEVC stream, etc.

The video analyzer Zond 265 advantages

  1. Intuitive video analysis. The program is optimized and provides video statistics in a form visually convenient for both video streams and decoding steps. This greatly facilitates the verification.
  2. Convenient frame bars navigation in the decoding order of the display order.
  3. Reference frame marking for the current image is available.
  4. Easy to use interface.
  5. Large number of supported video formats ー elementary video streams H.265 / HEVC, EVC, H.264 / AVC and AV1 (AOMedia Video), MPEG-2 Transport Stream for HEVC / H.265 and AVC / H.264 video, MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 12) with HEVC / H.265, AVC / H.264 and AV1 video streams.
  6. Possibility to download the video analyzer software and to check the functionality within the demo version for free.

Zond 265 by Solveig Multimedia is a perfect tool for inspecting video files, analyzing video codecs, bitstream, decoding steps, etc. You can get complete information about the video file with its help. Download, install and use it ー you won't regret your choice!