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Video Splitter 7.3 - New timeline

Those who follow our product releases closely may have noticed we’ve been experimenting with the timeline to suit our customers expectations. According to ample feedback, ver. 6 timeline turns out less handy than ver. 5 timeline


In Video Splitter 7.3, we’ve responded to the customer inputs and blended the 7th edition improvements with the classic usability of the 5th generation, e.g. fragment folding with unified time markers and a standalone button for keep/remove.


Reinstating familiar features and adding new tweaks, we aim to address the old pains and deliver ultimate user experience to the SolveigMM community.  



  • No more irritating begin marker / end marker. Now it’s again just one marker you can make segments with (Pic 1)



Pic 1  - Timeline


  • No more keep / cut mode. now it’s just one mode, where you can keep or cut necessary fragments
  • No default cut segment folding. now you can fold it manually if needed with special button (Pic 2)



Pic 2 - Segment folding


  • New feature - a grey cursor following a mouse and update preview. this mode is handy using a short key to add markers (M) and cut out selected fragment (D) or keep selected fragment (S)
  • Dynamic button to keep or cut out fragment. just navigate to necessary segment between two markers and the button arise(Pic 3)



Pic 3 -  Cut / Keep button