WMP Trimmer Plugin 4 – new features for best video editing

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WMP Trimmer Plugin is a useful and time saving tool that turns well-known Windows Media Player into a multimedia editor. All you need is to install the Plugin to enhance the functionality of your Windows Media Player. Try WMP Trimmer Plugin 4 now and enjoy your best video editing experience!

With the Plugin you will be able to select and save one or several segments that you need right in your player, immediately while viewing it, mute the audio stream, extract the audio content of the video file to a separate audio file.

The Plugin supports various popular file formats such as MP4, files with HEVC codec, AVI, WMV, WAV, MPEG Audio, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, AVCHD, TS, MOV, MKV, FLV, WEBM.

It can be handy for editing webinars, removing commercials from recorded TV programs,  censoring video/audio files for kids, making mobile phone ringtones, making funny clips to share with friends or editing video to make a clip for YouTube.

In the version 4 of the Plugin we have added following useful features:

  • Adding voice-over to your videos
  • Floating license
  • HEVC codec support
  • 4K files support in Business Edition
  • Frame accurate editing in Home Edition
  • Trimming files with subtitles
  • Improved interface skin with convenient timeline
  • Single installer for all Editions
  • Free Edition

Below you will find the description of each new feature.

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Adding voice-over to your videos


The voice-over feature of the Plugin 4 allows adding your voice narrations during the file playback in Windows Media Player.

To make the voice-over, please follow the steps below:

  1. Put the orange slider to the time position where you plan to start your voice-over recording.
  2. To add voice-over to your file click the icon with the red microphone (Start voice-over).

The count-down will be shown before the start of creating the voice-over.

After a 3-seconds delay the recording will start.

Voice-over count-down

3. To finish the voice-over recording, push the “Stop Recording” button (Stop voice-over).

It is possible to do several voice-over recordings at necessary time positions and also to move existing recordings.

Also you can modify the length of your recording by moving its edges.

WMP Trimmer Plugin 4 – new features for best video editing

4. Click the “Trim” button when all voice-over recordings are added on the timeline and you are ready to save the changes to the output file.

Please note, that when the voice-over recordings present, the output file will be transcoded to MP4 (AVC1, AAC).

There are several Preferences for voice-over available.

You need to click on the icon (WMP Trimmer Plugin 4 – new features for best video editing) to open the Voice-over preferences.

The following window pops up:

Microphone settings

The “Auto adjust microphone settings” and “Enable noise suppression” options are enabled by default. These options are intended to optimize the quality of your microphone settings to make the voice over recording clear, in good quality.

If you would like to hear the sound from the file being dubbed while adding the voice-over, you need to enable the “Play sound while recording” option at this window.

After the voice over is added to the timeline, you can also set its volume, as well as the volume of the sound of the original file. For this you need to click the button (Volume settings).

Then, you’ll see the window with volume settings and change the preferred volume level of the original file’s sound and the volume of recently added voice-over.

windows with volume settings


Floating license


The good news is that now the one license key of the new WMP Trimmer Plugin starting version 4 is valid for 5 activations. So you can register the product on your 5 different computers and use it by need on one, then on another one, but not on several computers simultaneously.

To register the product you need to pass the authorization at the first time when the product will be launched on the computer. Then simply enter the purchased license key to register it. From now on, you need just to launch the Windows Media Player to use the WMP Trimmer Plugin for your task.

This implementation also solves the issue for moving one license from one computer to another – now you can use it at 5 different computers, not simultaneously.


HEVC codec support


The version 4 of WMP Trimmer Plugin now supports HEVC video in MP4, TS and MKV files.

Now with WMP Trimmer Plugin 4 it is possible to edit videos with high-efficiency HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) or H.265 video coding right in Windows Media Player on your Windows device.

H.265 (x265) MPEG-H Part 2 compression format is the successor to H.264/AVC and offers a smaller file size while using more efficient algorithms than H.264/MPEG-4 AVC.


4K files support in Business Edition

With 4K, you enjoy beautiful 3840×2160 images in your videos — four times the resolution of Full-HD. That’s why even on large-screen TVs, images look clear and realistic, not pixelated.

Great news – the editing of 4K files is possible now with the Business Edition version of WMP Trimmer Plugin 4. So you can enjoy the editing of such files in this Edition now.


Frame accurate editing in Home Edition


Now the users of Home Edition (and all other editions) can fully enjoy the benefits of the frame accurate editing.

The frame accurate editing ensures that your output video will start from the selected frame.

By the way, the Home Edition of the version 3 supports only K-frame editing.

Please see information about the distinction in frame and K-frame accurate editing here.


Trimming files with subtitles


Using subtitles in the video makes it even highly understandable by both the locals and foreigners. Usually subtitles give the opportunity to viewers to understand everything in the movie even when it is in a foreign language. But subtitles have to be appropriately synchronized with the audio for an excellent performance. And also when it comes to viewers with hearing problems, subtitles will show exactly what is being said in the video.

The version 4 of WMP Trimmer Plugin now supports the editing files with subtitles:

– Embedded UTF8, ASS, SSA, GAB2 subtitles with AVI, MKV and WEBM video files

– External ASS and SRT subtitles with AVI, MKV, WEBM and MP4.


Improved interface skin with convenient timeline

In the version 4 we have decided to rebuild the plugin’s interface and have added the new user interface skin.

As you can see, the plugin now has a new modern interface in a minimalistic Windows 10, 11 style that meets nowadays requirements.

Changes to the user interface make completing tasks easier. This skin improves usability as it is responsive to the size of the Windows Media Player.

Each control  dynamically adjusts position as the interface increases in size.

The WMP Trimmer Plugin 4 in Windows Media Player looks like this now:

WMP Trimmer Plugin in Windows Media Player

You can resize the Plugin’s interface using this control (WMP Trimmer Plugin 4 – new features for best video editing). The resized view of WMP Trimmer Plugin 4 looks like this:

Resized view of WMP Trimmer Plugin


The new 4th version offers the new convenient timeline interface.

WMP Trimmer Plugin 4

Now you don’t need to select between the “Keep” or “Cut out” buttons to set segments for saving or deleting, as it was in version 3.

The editing in version 4 of WMP Trimmer Plugin looks like this:

1. Use the “Add marker” button (Add marker) to set the segment’s start/stop time.

You can use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out the timeline for selecting the better frame position to set the marker.

2. Move your mouse cursor to the fragment you would like to be deleted or saved.

3. The icon with the scissors will appear (scissors button).

Click on it to set the segment to be deleted, or if the segment is already set to be deleted, click it to set the segment to be included into the output video file.

You can also mute some selected segments with the “Mute audio” button (Mute audio). Just put the slider between start/stop markers of the segment, then click this button.

It is also possible to set the silence for the entire audio track of your video file. For this you need to select the small icon with sound on the left side of the audio wave (audio wave sound icon).

Sometimes there is the need to invert timeline segments. For this we have added the special “Invert Timeline Fragments” button (invert timeline). Click it if you would like to invert the timeline – the fragments that were selected for deleting will be included into the output video and vice versa.

4. Click the “Trim” button to start the editing process. And wait for some time until the editing will be completed.


Single installer for all Editions

Now to install the Plugin’s any Edition, Free, Home or Business, you need to run the same installer.  Simply click the “Download free” button at the plugin’s home page and follow the instructions of the installer.

Free Edition

The Free Edition of Plugin allows to try the product’s base editing features and to evaluate the benefits of the program.


You can see how the features vary in different editions of the WMP Trimmer Plugin 4 at the table below.

Feature support Free Home Business
HD + + +
FullHD + +
4K +
Tech support + +
Voice-over + +
HEVC + +
No watermarks + +
Floating license + +
Frame accuracy Max output duration – 10 min + +


For more information, please visit the section with the online documentation on WMP Trimmer Plugin 4.

Ready to select your edition of WMP Trimmer Plugin? Visit the purchase section or click the button below.

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For valid customers of WMP Trimmer Plugin previous versions we offer 60% discount on the upgrade till version 4 or free upgrade, if you already have the active subscription.

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