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Company Overview

Solveig Multimedia, founded in 2003, is a research and development company

We design Windows-based software intended to win challenges with the most complex video editing tasks for both consumers and professionals. Our programs and SDKs support cutting-edge video standards and formats like MP4 ISO, AVCHD, WEBM/HTML5 video, H.264/AVC, Matroska, MPEG-2, and so forth. 

We build products based on solid knowledge of the following technologies and architectures:

  • Spatial and temporal compression technologies and algorithms for video
  • DirectShow platform
  • COM/COM+, ActiveX
  • Microsoft Windows Media
  • Microsoft Windows Driver Model (WDM) 
  • Broadcast Driver Architecture (BDA)

Our products are used in such areas as

  • Editing and Capture Solutions 
  • Digital Video Broadcasting 
  • IPTV Video 
  • Multimedia Software Development
  • Surveillance 
  • Video Content Censoring 
  • Surgical Imaging Video 
  • Teaching and Sales Presentations
  • Webinars Recording and Editing

Our products and SDKs provide a range of know-how technologies

  • fast and lossless frame accurate video editing with a large number of formats supported (MP4, AVCHD, MPEG-2, etc.)
  • fast re-encoding/transcoding/transrating of MPEG-2 video
  • grabbing video during playback in overlay mode on a Windows OS 
  • grabbing direct sound during delivery to speakers on a Windows OS

Наш адрес
634055, Томск,
Проспект Развития 3,
тел: +7 (3822) 488-585 доп. 2049
Рабочее время: 09:00 - 19.00 понедельник-пятница (часовой пояс GMT +07.00)
email: info@solveigmm.com

Our address
Osterbrooksweg 69,
22869 Schenefeld,
Business hours: 09.00 AM through 7.00 PM Monday-Friday
email: info@solveigmm.com