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04 April 2018 News

Solveig Multimedia 及其合作伙伴 nablet 将在 2018 年 4 月 9 日至 12 日于拉斯维加斯召开的 NAB Show(展位 SU1371)上展示全新的 Zond 265 4.1。HEVC 视频分析器的新版本 Zond 4.1 集成了可用于质量评估的 Netflix VMAF 指标。软件使用这种技术比较原始的 YUV 文件与预先加载的视频文件。通过与人类感知关联,这个指标可以在压缩后进行更精确的视频评估。

最新的 Zond 版本包含一个主要更新(版本 4),这个更新显著扩展了产品与更多受支持编解码器(WebM 中的 AV1、MPEG-2 和 SCC 等)的兼容性矩阵。了解全新的 Zond 4.1! 在新闻发布 中了解更多信息。

09 February 2018 News

Solveig Multimedia 并未躺在过去的荣誉簿上,而是推出了另一个产品版本。请认识 HyperCam 5 – SolveigMM 备受赞誉的屏幕抓取工具的全新版本。
HyperCam 5 有什么新功能?它添加了网络摄像头录制功能,允许对游戏会话或视频博客进行 Twitch、Facebook 和 YouTube 流处理,支持录制到预设的导出大小(大小调整)以及分离/延长近期的录制。所有这些功能都集成到重新设计的图形界面中,这个界面具有简单的控件和时髦的屏幕笔记。试用新版本并分享您的意见!在新闻发布 中了解更多信息。

17 January 2018 News

Solveig Multimedia proudly announces a new version of its Zond 265 – HEVC Video analyzer, version 4. As always, Zond 265 delivers the ultimate in HEVC/H.265 bit stream analytics – and adds a bunch of new features. The 4th edition supports AOMedia Video 1 (AV1) codec in WebM format (works with reference software 2017.12.21), MPEG-2 codec as video elementary stream, HEVC Screen Content Coding Extension (SCC), and MP4 Dash segmented and fragmented format for HEVC. In ver. 4, Zond 265 also enhances report generation in CVS or JSON in GUI with an adjustable level of reporting (frame stats, headers, coding unit, PSNR, etc.)
Learn more about the new Zond 265 and get ver. 4 for greater codec support and granular reporting from the press release!

14 September 2017 News

In the eve of IBC2017 we’ve added HEVC Screen Content Coding extension to Zond 265-HEVC Analyzer. Stop by and check out Zond at our partner’s booth – 2.B40 (DekTec), 15-19 September, RAI, Amsterdam. 
One more. SolveigMM team wishes to unlock the newest direction focused mostly on a cloud utilization for our current and prospect customers.
Please let us introduce Video Splitter for cloud editing comprising the following features:

  • Client–server model: HTML-5 web client - Windows/Linux backend
  • Thumbnails indication
  • Waveform indication
  • Smart trimming with frame accuracy almost without re-encoding

To get demo versions, please contact us

21 April 2017 News

The SolveigMM Team unleashes a new version of Zond 265, ver. 3.7. The new edition adds a bunch of shiny features including High Dynamic Range (HDR) Detection and Analysis, Hypothetic Reference Decoder (HRD) Buffer Flow, Comprehensive File Info in a Single Source (profile, level, chroma subsampling, bit depth, resolution, aspect ratio, bitrate, etc.), Bitrate Histogram – and more. Get a live demo of Zond 265 3.7 product at NAB 2017 (April 22–27, 2017)! Check out Zond at our partner’s booth – SU7102 (DekTec).

11 April 2017 News

SolveigMM unveils Video Splitter for MacOS! Apple fans can now leverage the high-performance and lossless Splitter to remove unwanted fragments and save output files with original quality. The key features of Video Splitter for Mac include frame accurate editing of MP4 AVC, selection of multiple intervals in a single file, visual timeline with thumbnails, audio wave, etc. The product is now available in App Store for just $19.99. Download yourself and share with your nearest! Read more in the press release.

10 April 2017 News

Check out Video Splitter for MacOS in Hong Kong! Splitter is a great solution catering to dash cams, sports and action сams, wearable cameras – and many other recording devices. If you like meeting the people behind the software, this is your chance. Solveig Multimedia will exhibit at Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) on April 13–16, 2017. At the show hosted by Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, SolveigMM will introduce the brand-new product for MacOS, unveil its key benefits and capabilities, and provide a real-life demo.
As always, SolveigMM is open to new partnerships on the Asian markets. We’d be happy to meet up with camera manufacturers, hardware vendors and anyone interested in next-generation video editing. Feel free to drop us a line and book a meeting!

03 March 2017 News

SolveigMM boasts a brand-new certificate of recognition for Video Splitter 6. This time Splitter has been awarded a prize in the ‘Russian software: achievements and innovations’ category established by PCMag Russia.
The magazine editors have duly noted the 99,99% editing accuracy delivered by SolveigMM’s solution as opposed to celebrated competitors (Movavi Video Editor, Windows Movie Maker, Pinnacle VideoSpin, SONY Vegas Pro, etc.).
PC Magazine/RE is a Ziff-Davis mag, one of the pioneers of the Russian IT press since 1991. Solutions awarded with PCMag’s shield belong with the most influential and significant tech developments and reveal the best bang for the buck in their respective market segments. Read more…

28 February 2017 News

SolveigMM attends Streaming Forum 2017 at ExCel London on February 28 – March 1. We are joining industry leaders and cooperate with codec specialist to enhance our HEVC analyzing and bedugging technology - Zond 265 – HEVC AnalyzerContact us to schedule a personal meeting with SolveigMM Founder and Strategy Officer Mr. Dmitry Vergeles!

22 December 2016 News

Solveig Multimedia unveils an incredible Christmas offer! This Season we are offering a 36% discount for all home and professional products. Our holiday math is easy as pie: Christmas 2016 = 20+16 = 36% off.
The offer stands for the whole month – from December 21, 2016, to January 21, 2017! Don’t miss your chance. SolveigMM wishes you happy holidays and all the best in 2017. Stay tuned for new technology and enhanced capabilities in the coming year! More details...