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Descripción general de la empresa

Solveig Multimedia, founded in 2003, is a research and development company

We design Windows-based software intended to win challenges with the most complex video editing tasks for both consumers and professionals. Our programs and SDKs support cutting-edge video standards and formats like MP4 ISO, AVCHD, WEB M / HTML5 video, H264/AVC, Matroska, MPEG-2, and so forth. 

SolveigMM has been a unit of the Elecard Group since its founding, and is a member of the ISDEF association and a Microsoft Registered Member. Our company is located in the heart of the Siberian science region, in the city of Tomsk. 

We build products based on solid knowledge of the following technologies and architectures:

  • Spatial and temporal compression technologies and algorithms for video
  • DirectShow platform
  • COM/COM+, ActiveX
  • Microsoft Windows Media
  • Microsoft Windows Driver Model (WDM) 
  • Broadcast Driver Architecture (BDA)

Our products are used in such areas as

  • Editing and Capture Solutions 
  • Digital Video Broadcasting 
  • IPTV Video 
  • Multimedia Software Development
  • Surveillance 
  • Video Content Censoring 
  • Surgical Imaging Video 
  • Teaching and Sales Presentations
  • Webinars Recording and Editing

Our products and SDKs provide a range of know-how technologies

  • fast and lossless frame accurate video editing with a large number of formats supported (MP4, AVCHD, MPEG-2, etc.)
  • fast re-encoding/transcoding/transrating of MPEG-2 video
  • grabbing video during playback in overlay mode on a Windows OS 
  • grabbing direct sound during delivery to speakers on a Windows OS

Our address
Razvitiya avenue 3
Tomsk 634055,
Russian Federation
tel: +7 3822 488-585 ext 2049
Business hours: 09.00 AM through 7.00 PM Monday-Friday (local time GMT +07.00)