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HyperCam. What if...

Our life always progress and the older we become the less ability we have to understand surrounding. That’s why our grandparents never understand our lifestyle, music we listen to, newly created rules and so on. You want to be close to your relatives, but it appears to be so difficult to explain how to use this or that to stay in contact. What if you need to explain your grandma, living so long distance away how to download and use Skype?

Imagine yourself calling grandma through the oceans and trying to explain how to download, where to take and how to use Skype to be in contact with you and your family. You will simply spend hours on that! You may also wait another half a year to go to visit her and do it all for her and explain everything directly. Though there is an easier way. You may make your own video of how to do this all through HyperCam. Sounds to take a lot of time? It’s not so. Couple of minutes and everything will be done. Other question that may appear in your head is how your grandma will understand how to look through the created by you video. The greatest advantage of HyperCam is that the final document have AVI format, so she may watch it on DVD or any player on computer as a usual movie.

HyperCam is quite simple in use, so you will not have problems with it. It is intended to capture screen, videos and sound being played back. You may use an imbedded microphone to make your own comments. It’s easy to make any video or even presentation for any event. If you simply captured video, you may edit it with HyperCam Media Editor, which has general and understandable commands to stop, pause, recording, remove and unite fragments. You may specify any distance between fragments, so that your grandma could follow you. Make snapshots of how you make Skype work and put them to the HyperCam Editor. Record your voice and superimpose it into the image. Leave some distance between your instructions, so that grandma could find the same on her computer and do this by herself.

Half an hour video clip is done and your money is saved. Now you don’t need to spend money on telephone calls trying to make your grandmother see the same pictures in her head as you do, while explaining. You simply have to record the final video in AVI format to any DVD disc and send it to your grandmother. In couple days you will enjoy the conversation with close to you people. Our technical progress continue to develop and now being on a distance from each other you may not only communicate and see each other, but also teach, explain things, show videos and photos. Keep up with the times and develop your older generation!