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How to add transitions in video editor HTML5



  By Olga Krovyakova - September, 19 2021

Not sure how to add transitions in the video editor? Looking for options? Use the online video editor with transitions — HTML5 Cloud Video Editor. This online HTML5 video editor has advanced video editing capabilities, provides access to functionality that is not available in conventional editors.


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How to add transitions in the HTML5 video editor?

To add transitions to videos without any problems or technical complexities:

1. Open the video transitions app page in your browser.

2. Drag the file or several files you need from the video folder to the files area in the Media section.

Drag the file or several files you need from the video folder to the files area in the Media section

3. When the files are uploaded, place them on the timeline one after the other in the desired order. Everything is ready now, and you can start editing, including creating transitions.

Place files on the timeline one after the other in the desired order

4. Now click the Transitions tab. Choose the required item from the available transition effects — Dissolve, Fade In, Fade Out. While holding down the left mouse button with the selected video transition effect, drag the cursor to the area where the two files join or to the beginning / end of the file (depending on the selected effect). The mouse button can only be released when the cursor turns green.

Click the Transitions tab

  • Dissolve effect — dissolving frames from the first file into the second file's frames, overlaying layers.
  • The Fade In effect is a gradual appearance of the current file’s frames.
  • The Fade Out is an effect where the current file’s frames are gradually disappearing (subsidence).

Fade in / Fade out effects can only be applied to the beginning and end of any file. These effects don't require you to utilize the second file to apply the effect.

And the Dissolve effect is applied to two files. Which means that you will be able to apply this effect only at the files joining point.

Transition adding is now complete.

5. If your goal is to add a transition to other places, repeat Step 4 — select the required video transition and add it to the required area.

Select the required video transition and add it to the required area

6. Click the “Save” button to start the editing process. When the process finishes the video transition editor will offer to follow the link with the created file (clicking the link will open a separate tab in the browser) or download the file by clicking on the Download button.

Click the “Save” button to start the editing process

As you can see, with SolveigMM's HTML5 Video Editor, transitions for video editing become a feature that can help you add flavor to your videos and make them stand out among other similar videos.

Watch how to add transitions to a video with the HTML5 Video Editor


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set the default transition?

With the online HTML5 Video Editor, a video transition must be added to each video section (join point, end, start — depending on the selected effect) separately. To add transitions to a video follow the steps indicated in the text algorithm or use our video tutorial.


How to add a fade-in or fade-out effect?

You can add these video transition effects using the regular algorithm of work with the HTML5 Video Editor, which is described above on this page of our website. Adding transitions in the Internet browser is a simple process that does not require additional technical facilities (CPU usage).


To make cool videos with spectacular transitions, launch the online editor in your browser and start using its intuitive features. The main advantage of HTML5 Video Editor is simplicity, accessibility, speed of command execution and variety of functionality. Request access to the demo version of SolveigMM's online editor to improve your productivity right now in creating new top video courses, reviews, reports, programs, etc.


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