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How to edit your video and audio within Windows Media Player™

This guide explains how to use WMP Trimmer plugin for fast editing of popular video or audio files like MP4 or MP3 or many other



The Windows Media Player Plugin module is designed to operate within Windows Media Player™ version 12 (up to 9). It enables a user to cut or edit out a part of media file directly from Windows Media Player™ at high speed without quality degradation and problems with audio/video synchronization.




Enabling WMP Trimmer plugin

  1. Launch Windows Media Player.
  2. Click main menu item «Tools->Plug-ins->SolveigMM WMP Trimmer Plugin» 

If main menu of Windows Media Player is switched off follow steps shown on Figure 2.


Figure 2. Activating of SolveigMM WMP Trimmer Plugin

Trimming media files

Trimming media files is easy and straightforward. Trimmer’s GUI controls are shown in Figure 3.


Figure 3. SolveigMM WMP Trimmer controls (view on Windows Media Player opening)

The operations order for trimming mediafile is listed below.

1. Open your media file in usual way via Windows Media Player menu (Figure 6a) or use "Open Media File" button of WMP Trimmer Plugin (Figure 6b).


Figure 6a. Media file opening using Windows Media Player


Figure 6b. Media file opening using SolveigMM WMP Trimmer Plugin


3. You will see the expanded view of Plugin . Use slider and markers to set the start and stop time positions of the fragments you would like to save.

To mark the beginning of the fragment navigare the slider to the desired position and click the "Add marker" button. Do the same to mark the end time position of the fragment 

If you would like to save several fragments to the output file use the same operation: move the slider to the desired position of beginning and end time of the necessary fragments and click the "Add marker" button.

You can use Zoom in/Zoon out buttons for convenience and to easily find the needed frame of end/beginning.


Figure 8


4. Now it is necessary to mark fragments you would like to be cut out from the output video file. Move the slider to such fragment. It should change its color to orange. Then click the "Cut Out Selected Fragment" button.
Do the same operation for all fragments you would like to be deleted (Figure 9).


Figure 9

5. When all fragments that you would like not to be presented in the final video are marked, press the "Trim" button to start the editing process (Figure 10).


Figure 10

6. You will be asked for a file name in which trimmed part of media file should be saved (Figure 11).


Figure 11

7. The trimming process will be displayed with a progress bar and can be canceled at any time (Figure 12).


Figure 12

8. When the trimming process is done, you will be informed with the corresponding message (Figure 13).
Click "Yes" button in the message dialog if you want to open folder with output mediafile. Click "No" button otherwise.


Figure 13


That's all! Good luck with your editing projects!


WMP Trimmer Plugin supports formats as follows

  • MP4 (*.mp4)
  • MPEG Audio (*.mp3,*.mp1,*.mpa )
  • FLV (*.flv)
  • AVCHD (*.m2ts)
  • WebM (*.webm)
  • MKV (*.mkv)
  • MOV (*.mov)
  • AVI (*.avi )
  • DV AVI type 1,2 (*.avi)
  • Windows Media Video (*.asf, *.wmv,*.wm)
  • Windows Media Audio (*.wma)
  • MPEG-2 Video PS,TS,VES (*.mpeg,*.vob,*.ts)



Figure 4. SolveigMM WMP Trimmer controls (expanded view)



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