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How to make a voice-over for your recordings

HyperCam is a powerful utility that allows you to record sound from your microphone along with the video. But there are times when you realize that the recording needs additional voice comments or important sounds. Don't rush on deleting your recorded file. Media Editor now allows you to overlay any sound or voice comments to your video.


  • If you need to edit your source file you should do it before the voiceover.
  • In case of voiceover, the output file will be transcoded to MP4 with AVC video and AAC audio if the source has different format 


  1. Load your file and specify the start position of the voiceover with the slider pointer.
    Load file
  2. Push the "Microphone" button or the "R" hotkey to start recording a voice-over.
    Start voiceover
    There is a 3-second delay before the actual recorging starts. You'll see the countdown in the timeline area.
  3. Push the "Stop recording" button or the "R" hotkey again to stop the voiceover. You will see the recorded voice-over as a separate track on the timeline.
    Recorded voiceover
    You can modify the voiceover start position by dragging it with the mouse cursor or modify its duration by moving its edges.
  4. Optionally you change the volume levels of audio tracks on the timeline.
    Push the "Mixer settings" button (Mixer settings) to open audio mixer and modify each necessary track's volume level independently.
    Audio mixer
    Selected settings will be applied to the voice-over intervals.
  5. Now you are ready to save the changes to the output file. Push the "Save" button and wait for the output to be saved.