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How to make a voiceover for your recordings



  By Olga Krovyakova - modified February 26, 2024, created September, 18 2021

Are you looking for a solution on how to make a voiceover quickly and easily? For a voice over video editing, SolveigMM offers to use the functionality of the HyperCam software.

SolveigMM's HyperCam unites a top-notch screen capture app with an advanced utility to create engaging videos for demonstration, training, and more. It is an excellent video and audio recorder, the versions of which are constantly modernized and improved.




How to do voice overs

Before you start learning the algorithm for how to do a voiceover on a video, check out some nuances of this type of editing in HyperCam Media Editor.

Essential aspects to know about our software to record voice over

  • If you want to edit the footage of the original document, do so before dubbing.
  • When it is dubbing, the output file will be converted to MP4 with AVC video and AAC audio if the original file is in a different format.

Algorithm of voice over video

1. Install voice recording software on your device.

2. Load the file, move it to the timeline, and utilize the slider to set the beginning position of the voiceover on the timeline.

utilize the slider to set the beginning position of the voiceover on the timeline

3. Push the Microphone button or the R hotkey to begin recording a voiceover.

Push the Microphone button or the R hotkey to begin recording a voiceover

Please note that there is a time delay of 3 seconds before the actual recording starts. You can be guided by the countdown.

Add voiceover to video

4. Add voiceover to video.


5. Push the Stop Recording button or the R hotkey to discontinue the dubbing. You will see the recorded voiceover as a separate track on the timeline.

Push the Stop Recording button


At this stage, you can change the beginning position of the voiceover by moving the voiceover audio track with the mouse cursor or change its duration by dragging the edges.

6. You can also vary the volume levels of the audio tracks on the graphic representation if you want. To do this, click on the Mixer Settings icon. By opening the audio mixer, you can change the volume level of each track individually during the dubbing interval.


7. Save your changes by clicking the "Save" button. Wait for the moment when the program confirms saving the changes.


All is ready!

How to record a voice over



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Voice Over?

Voiceover is a type of video voiceover that has very fine lines with dubbing. Even though, from a technical point of view, voiceover and dubbing are the same production technique, by voiceover it is customary to mean the type of dubbing of a video sequence in which original remarks are heard. And thanks to dubbing, we only hear the overlaid sound.


What equipment is needed for voice overs?

The list of equipment depends on what kind of sound quality you want to get and is a separate topic. But with the most common microphone, computer, and voice recording software installed on it — HyperCam — you can already record voice overs for videos, for example, for a YouTube channel. Be sure to read the step-by-step tutorial “how to voiceover a video” before you start dubbing.


What needs to be done before recording a Voice Over?

Before you add voiceover to video, connect your microphone to your computer, install our utility, learn it, and get started!


What is the best software for voice overs?

HyperCam is a powerful utility that gives you the possibility to record mic audio along with the video. But don’t rush to get upset when you realize that additional voice comments are needed for an already finished video, and don’t delete the recorded file. SolveigMM's multimedia editor also allows you to do voice over video editing or add other sounds.


The voice over video software SolveigMM's HyperCam has other useful features. Using it, you will solve the question of how to make a voice over video and be able to perform a lot of other tasks related to recording and editing video and audio. Try our software now for free to see if it's a cool solution!

To download HyperCam and find out how to do voice overs, click on one of the buttons “Try for free" or "Buy now".




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