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How to remultiplex AVI to ASF

Microsoft Advanced Streaming Format - ASF is one of the most wide spread containers to hold media files. A lot of devices like certain mobile phones or standalone players support ASF rather than AVI. So if you prefer ASF, or just count it more convenient to work with, you would probably like to convert the necessary media files to ASF without re-encoding and quality loss.

Using SolveigMM Video Splitter you can remux ASF file from your AVI file in a three mouse clicks, remultiplexing will take a couple of minutes.

1. Open the AVI file either via "Input" button or using File->Open Media File menu:

2. Use "Output" button or File->Save Media File As menu to call Save File Dialog:

3. Select the the ASF files type and the file name:

4. Push "Save" button and wait till the end of operation: