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How to trim MP4 file on Android



  By Olga Krovyakova - modified October 6, 2023, created September 25, 2021.

Do you know how to trim MP4 file on Android? Are you constantly looking for trimming video options, but can't find a decision that suits you completely? SolveigMM proposes an excellent video trimmer app for Android. If you utilize this free software on a smartphone or tablet running on a phone, you have the possibility to detach everything unnecessary from the video sequence before publishing this file, share with other users only what is important, interesting, and relevant, and also get maximum likes for unique content.

TriMP4 is a mobile analog of SolveigMM Video Splitter.




Please note that you don’t have the possibility to crop video on Android utilizing TriMP4, as this software doesn’t provide cropping functionality.

How to trim MP4 on Android with TriMP4

To trim a video on Android in TriMP4, you have to abide by these steps:

1. Install the app to your gadget from Google Play.

2. Run the app.

3. In the active window, tap the folder icon.

Tap the folder icon

4. See and choose files to trim from the gallery.

Choose files to trim from the gallery

Once in the gallery, you have the possibility to tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen and choose a sorting option.

5. Markers of the beginning and the end of the interval will make it easier for you to quickly trim video.

Markers of the beginning and the end of the interval

Therefore, to accurately trim a video on Android, tap the left marker icon and set it in the place of the required interval beginning, gradually moving it to the right. Then, in the same manner, set the right marker to the interval ending position, but by moving its icon to the left. Note that the right/left arrow buttons are responsible for moving the markers. Therefore, you can't go wrong setting them.

Improving the accuracy of the desired interval’s time determination greatly facilitates the perception of the video.

Also, working in video trimmer for Android, you have an excellent opportunity to save a file in one of the modes suggested by the developers: "video only" or "audio-only". You can select the desired action in the settings (see an icon with three dots).

6. To permanently trim MP4, tap the scissors icon above the timeline.

Trim MP4

After you finish trimming the file with the video trimmer for Android, you have the possibility to:

  • see the resulting file;
  • send the output video to your friends and subscribers;
  • compare the general video information on the source file and the trimmed one;
  • delete the source file.

To play the output file - tap the"Preview" button.

Tap the"Preview" button

And to edit another file, save the new one by tapping the "Complete" button in the top menu. And then again choose the file for editing from the gallery, guided by the already known method.


See how to trim video on Android with TriMP4



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between cutting and trimming video?

Trimming video on Android is a file stream trimming, thanks to which you have the possibility to remove unnecessary/unwanted segments. In other words, this is a finer tuning of the video file duration and the location of the clips in it. Cutting video is editing in which you may save the fragment of the clip indicated by markers, that is, cutting video on Android from the entire clip file. For more information about how to do this, you will learn here. The process will seem easy to you, even if you have never tried cutting video on Android before. By using both editing methods, you may shorten your video.


Do I have the possibility to trim recorded videos directly with phone devices?

Yes, you do. To cut recorded clips precisely from your gadget, download our editor for your smartphone from Google Play and install it on the device. It is an excellent free file montage app that does not require a connection to the PC.


How to remove unwanted segments of the video on Android?

What could be easier? Utilize the TriMP4 app. But please note that you can trim a video on Android only if it is pre-compressed with MP4 and 3GP file formats.


Do you want to trim a video on Android with high-quality? - Choose TriMP4! This application for your gadget from SolveigMM will enable you to perform precise trimming video. It also has lots of features for the montage to assist you in making your video posts mega-popular.

All the best with your editing projects!




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