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How to use SolveigMM ASF Muxer under Linux (using WINE)

This guideline describes how to use SolveigMM ASF Muxer under Linux using WINE.

Just follow 3 simple steps below: 

Step 1: Install WINE. 


Please find on this page how to install WINE.


Step 2: Install Windows Media Player (requires X server*)

Using WineTricks project open Terminal and type these commands:

chmod +x winetricks
./winetricks wmp10


 Follow instruction of winetricks:
"Please download MP10Setup.exe from this link, place it in /home/user/.cache/winetricks/wmp10, then re-run this script." 

Re-run the script

./winetricks wmp10

Follow Windows Media Player installation wizard


Step 3: Register SolveigMM ASF Muxer

Download SolveigMM ASF Multipexer Component from this link 
Unpack  It.  
Change current directory where SMM_ASFMuxer.ax is located

Type this command in terminal window:

wine regsvr32 SMM_ASFMuxer.ax


Now SolveigMM ASF Muxer is ready to use.

* If you don't have X server installed make "Step 2" on machine with X server and than deploy /home/$username/.wine directory to machine without X server