SolveigMM ASF Multiplexer

SolveigMM ASF Multipexer Component is an engine designed for multiplexing precompressed or raw video/audio streams such as DivX, MPEG2 video/audio, WM video/audio, MPEG4 AVC (H264), etc. The component was implemented as DirectShow filter.


NoteSolveigMM ASF Multiplexer is part of SolveigMM Video Editing SDK

The demo application allows an user:

  • to remultiplex AVI,MP4,MPEG2 PS,TS to ASF without recompression
  • to choose an input stream to be written to ASF
  • to decode input video/audio streams and multipxex them to ASF (needs a proper decoder)
  • to change a Video FourCC
  • to index a resulting ASF file

With technical questions and bug reports please contact us

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Ver/Date: 1.0.1108.10, 2011 Aug 10
Size: 0.13
Description: DirectShow filter for muxing pre-compressed or raw video/audio streams to ASF files. Filter is a part of SolveigMM Video Editing SDK