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How to edit MP3 file

SolveigMM Video Splitter allows deleting unnecessary fragments from audio file without audio quality loss. This guide explains how you can edit MP3 file.


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In our example we will edit initial MP3 file by cutting off two fragments in one pass.


Figure 1

1. Click the button or select the Open Media File... command in the File menu.

2. Select file to be edited.

3. Click the button to open the selected file.


Figure 2

4. Place the Video slider in the required place using the spin buttons in the edit box of a left marker cursor time position (see Basic Terms). You can also set the value by manually or just move the Video slider to the required position.

5. Click the button to add new marker.


Figure 3

6. Set other markers using edit boxes and the Add Marker button. In our example we set three additional markers and our MP3 file consists of four fragments.

7. Select the fragment you want to cut off from the file by clicking your left mouse button. The fragment will be marked with orange color.

8. Click the button to mark the selected fragment as 'cut off'. The fragment will be marked with white color (see Basic Terms).


Figure 4

9. Mark the other fragments you want to cut off from the movie as described in 7-8.

10. Select the Start Trimming command of the Edit menu.

11. The standard file saving window opens. Specify new file name and click the Save button.

The folders, where initial or edited files are located, can be opened in the Windows Explorer. Use the Explore Folder->Output command of the Tools menu to open the folder, where the edited file was saved. To open the folder, where the initial file is located, use the Explore Folder->Input command of the Tools menu.


Figure 5

When the file editing is finished, new file can be opened in SolveigMM Video Splitter for further editing. To open new file in SolveigMM Video Splitter, place the mouse cursor on the name of the edited file in the Output pane. Then click the right mouse button and select the Open In Video Splitter command of the appeared context menu. The edited file will be opened in new window of the SolveigMM Video Splitterprogram.


Figure 6


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