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How to enable sound recording from your system in Windows Vista or Windows 7

There are some restrictions on recording sound from the system in Windows Vista which are set by default. Nevertheless, there is a way how to enable this option, just have a look at this guideline.

Note: This should be obvious, but make sure your computer has a sound card installed. If you purchased a new machine and haven't done anything to it, then I'm sure it has one. But if you can't get any audio to play, then make sure it has a sound card. You can do that by going to System in Control Panel. It is also important to make sure that you have the latest drivers installed for your sound card. Install the latest drivers before proceeding with these steps.




To enable sound recording in Windows Vista or Windows 7:

1. Open Control Panel.

2. In classic view, go to "Sound" (double click "Sound" icon to open sound options dialog) (Figure 1):


Figure 1

3. Select Recording tab.

4. Right-click anywhere in the blank white area of the window to display the Show Disabled Devices context menu. Select Show Disabled Devices (Figure 2):


Figure 2

5. Disabled devices will be displayed. Right-click on "Stereo Mix" (or "Wave Out Mix" or "Mono Mix" or "What U Hear") and click "Enable" as shown below (Figure 3):


Figure 3

6. Click OK - In the case of the example above, we have just enabled the "Stereo Mix" recording device. Keep in mind this is dependent upon your sound card hardware and drivers. You may or may not have this line available.
7. To make this newly enabled device the default recording device, highlight it and click the Set Default button, or right-click on the device and select Set as Default Device (Figure 4):

Figure 4

Now it should work the same way as Stereo Mix in Windows XP, allowing you to record any sound your computer makes.

If you were able to successfully enable a recording line, select the appropriate audio device and audio recording line prior to recording with HyperCam:

1. Start HyperCam 3.

2. Go to "Options ", Audio tab, check up "Record sound" checkbox and choose "Stereo Mix" (or "What U Hear" or "Mono Mix" or "Wave Out Mix") line from the "Device" combo box (Figure 5).


Figure 5

3. Click "OK" button and make your record with sound using HyperCam.

That’s all!




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