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How to join AVI files



  By Olga Krovyakova - modified March 28, 2024, created March 28, 2019


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The interface
Tool bar items
The file list
Adding files to the Join List
Joining your files
Saving a Join List


The Join Manager provides an easy to use interface for joining media video files.

To start the Join Manager, from the top menu click
Tools > Join Manager > Show Join Manger


The interface
The Join Manager is made up of theee parts. The Tool bar, the File list and the Status bar


Tool bar items

Icon Function Short cut Key
Save Save Join list Ctrl + S
Open Open Join list Ctrl + O
Add Files Add files to list Ins
Delete files Delete files from list Del
Move up Move selected file up list Page Up
Move down Move selected file down list Page Down
Join files Join Files Ctrl + J

The file list
The file list displays the order and details about the files you want to join
The colums are broken up in to File locations and Timings. Audio and Video information.

Adding files to the Join List
1. Click the Plus Icon icon on the Tool bar, or the Ins key
2. Browse to the directory containing the files you want to join
3. Select them the files you want
4. Click Open


The files will be added to the list alphabetically. Once added any of the items can be moved up or down the order. 
You may want to pre-number your files so they are imported in the right order.

If you've accidentally added a file you don't with to Join list, just select it, and click the Minus icon icon, or press the Delete key

The file list shows audio and video information for each file. This can be used to make sure all your files have matching encoding settings.
You'll receive a warning if a different file type or size is added.

For best results you should only join files that are of the same type and size. You'll get a warning message when adding different file types. If the application can't join those files you'll see red warning message in the bottom status bar.

Joining the files

1. Click the Join file Join files button icon or press Crtl + J

2. Browse to where you'd like the file to be saved

3. Name the file

4. Click Save


Saving your Join List

1. Click the save icon Save icon or Ctrl + S

2. You'll need to set the joined file name before you save the Join List

3. Browse to where you'd like to save the joined file.

4. Enter the name, and add the desired extension. If it already exists you'll be asked if you want to save over it.

5. Now you'll get to save your list.

6. Again browse to where you'd like the save the join file list.

7. Enter the file name and click save


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