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How to rip audio from video



  By Olga Krovyakova - modified October 6, 2023, created March, 28 2019.

Want to rip audio from video? When the video sequence is not important you may face the necessity to convert a video to audio, extract audio from videos. For example, if you liked some music or a song from a movie and you cannot find it in the public domain then you can rip music from video for personal use. This will require an audio extractor. SolveigMM Video Splitter is a multifunctional video and audio editor that will help you extract audio from videos. Using our software you can quickly and easily separate audio from video, as well as perform other types of audio and video editing.


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How to rip audio from video?

Ripping sound from video using the Video Splitter is a fairly simple process that does not require any special skills in video and sound editing. To rip audio from video files you need to follow a few simple steps. You will easily manage them thanks to the software intuitive interface, as well as our text and video tutorials.

Sequence of work with the Video Splitter application when getting audio from video

1. Download and install this tool for video editing and ripping sound from video according to the bitness of your computer operating system.

2. Open the SolveigMM Video Splitter software.

3. Open one or more files by clicking the "Add files to the library" button and by dragging them into the program window from the folder or through the "File - Add multimedia files" menu.

Add files to the library

4. Drag one file or several files onto the timeline.

Drag file onto the timeline

5. In the "Control" menu select the "Select streams ..." option.

Select streams

6. Mark the stream you want to keep by unchecking all the other streams.

 Mark the stream you want to keep by unchecking all the other streams

7. Select a fragment to save if necessary. Mark the beginning and the end of a fragment to rip audio from video.

Mark the beginning and the end of a fragment to rip audio from video

8. To rip audio from videos move the cursor over the area between the markers and click either the button with the scissors (“Trim”) or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + T. You can also select the function “Save file as ...” in the menu group “File” and confirm the action by clicking the button “Save”.


After these simple steps for getting audio from video the editing process will begin. When it finishes you will be prompted to open the folder with the resulting file.

This way you can extract audio from MP4, AVI, WMV, ASF, MPG, VOB, MPEG and other video file formats.

There is also a second option for extracting audio from an MP4 file. You can change the saving parameters in the "Save as ..." window. To do this select the “Audio only” file type filter. But here you need to take into account that such an extraction method will save the audio without a specific container. When an MP3 is saved in this way players will run the resulting file with no problems. But not all the players will be able to open the files if you use this save method for other formats. This is the main difference between this method of ripping audio from video from the one described above.

Watch how to rip audio from video with the Video Splitter



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I extract audio from a video file in Windows 10?

You can extract the sound from a video in Windows using the SolveigMM Video Splitter software. It's easy and fast! But keep in mind that when working with the Video Splitter audio extraction means saving the audio track (partially or completely) as a separate file. That is you need to work with the video and not with the audio. You will need to disable the video which will lead to saving audio without video in the final file.


How can I download the audio from a YouTube video?

To rip audio from video published on one of the YouTube channels you need to first save this video to your device. You can use the Solveigmm Hypercam program to do this. And after you save the YouTube video to your computer you can edit it as you wish, including ripping audio from video — save a specific soundtrack, make an audio version of a webinar, record a melody for a mobile phone, etc.


How do I extract audio from a video on my laptop?

To rip audio from a video on a laptop you need to install our software — the Video Splitter. And then follow the simple steps outlined in the guide above. After completing everything in line with the instructions you will receive a sound recording, the quality of which will correspond to the original sound quality in the video.


Try to extract the sound from a video with our program today to make sure that ripping audio from video is quick and easy! And tomorrow if you need to extract audio from videos you will not have to think about how to do it and what program to use.


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