Video Editing SDK Linux version history

20 March 2020 3.1.2003.20


  • When trimming or joining growing XDCAM file, the engine will wait for the stop time receiving if not available on the process start
  • Video samples added to the SDK redistributables


  • Input XTL task files now can include relative file paths

04 March 2020 3.1.2003.04


  • Based on GStreamer
  • Command Line tool
  • Supported operations and formats include:
    − multitrimming many fragments, many files
    − joining VES (AVC, MPEG-2) and MP4 (HEVC, AVC)
    − smart transcoding MP4 (AVC, AAC LC, AAC SBR)
    − VES (AVC, MPEG-2)
    − MP4 (AVC, AAC, HEVC)
    − TS to MP4 with Trimming - AVC/AAC
    − TS (HEVC with MP3, AAC (HEAAC, AAC LC), AC3), AVC
    − multiplexing AAC and AVC to MP4