Top 11 Video Editing Software for Mac in 2023

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The world is genuinely overloaded with all kinds of software these days, so that choosing the best video editing software for mac isn’t easy, really. In fact, it may turn to be a great deal of hustle in case you are not much familiar with products available on the market, nor sure of features you need and tasks to tackle.

To make your life easier, we’ve prepared a list of top 10 video editing products, yet, our all-time champion is SolveigMM Video Splitter 7.6 since this app has successfully managed to blend all valuable options you can think of within just one package. Anyways, please have a glance through the following list, so to form an opinion of your own.

SolveigMM Video Splitter MAC

Top 11 Video Editing Software for Mac in 2023

This unique piece of software certainly falls under the category of multi-tool platform, being very helpful in such things as cutting, trimming or/and editing videos, should you ever need to take it apart. 

It is definitely worth mentioning that the interface is extra user-friendly so that it is quite possible to learn about most of the features without the need to read long tutorials or watch videos. 

The exceptionally valuable option is provided by an opportunity to get rid of unwanted commercials, literally within a couple of clicks. 

Probably one of the best MacBook video editors, talking of editors or splitters, providing a great choice of instruments you need to make them high-quality videos, regardless of being a professional or just a beginner. 

Here is the list of key features, so to provide you with a better summary of the advantages it has: 

  • Quality@speed, both being efficiently provided and delivered in full, during the course of decoding process; 
  • Being exceptionally user friendly itself, it also features a user-friendly interface;
  • Splitting and dividing are immediate and relatively easy so that there is no need really to dive deep into manuals; 
  • Getting rid of unwanted parts or episodes can’t be much easier, seamless, and error-free; 
  • SolveigMM Video Splitter is Mac friendly allowing for cutting of numerous parts of one video document at a time; 
  • Unwanted commercials/ads can be removed within a few clicks; 
  • Support for processing MP4 and MPEG TS formats along with different audio tracks; 
  • Mac latest devices compatible;
  • SolveigMM Video Splitter MAC provides you with videos, easily shareable into social media;
  • Smart editing approach as reliable as your Mac device or gadget;
  • Suitable for a wide range of audiences, regardless of their background and experience;
  • It really makes Mac video and audio cutting and joining more of a child’s play hassle-free and perfect. 

Overall, SolveigMM Video Splitter MAC has managed to get the best of two worlds within one unique platform, certainly worth trying for yourself. 

PowerDirector 365

Top 11 Video Editing Software for Mac in 2023

The next one on our list is a seamless photo and video editing tool equipped with constantly growing resource libraries and a relatively rational interface. 

Again, this piece doesn’t require you to be a genius of video editing, promising spectacular results regardless of your proficiency level, falling under a category of easy video editing software for mac

Key features are: 

  • Visual effects stand at almost cinema level; 
  • Audio library available and constantly updated/expanded; 
  • Motion graphic titles are provided by default; 
  • Special occasion themes templates provided; 
  • Intuitive motion tracking included; 
  • In-app customer support at your fingertips; 

Probably not a revolutionary breakthrough in video editing but a nice still piece of software, capable of serving the role of MacBook video editor

Adobe Premiere Pro

Top 11 Video Editing Software for Mac in 2023

Featuring quite a famous household name, another not bad big company’s product, Adobe Premiere probably is. Undoubtedly constantly supported and reviewed but more focused on video professionals being not much of a cheap option.

Perhaps also a good choice for those actively using other Adobe products  

The prime pros and cons are: 

  • Regular updates and constant evolvement; 
  • With the range of Adobe products fun club;  
  • Video editing range is impressive, being from 3D up to 8K; 
  • Allows for easy integration of different workflows, supports different codecs; 
  • The interface allows for quick access to the key editing options and features; 
  • It can’t be expected to be easily affordable as you’ve got to pay for the brand; 
  • The seamless solution, which is quite common really to all contemporary video editors. 

Apple iMovie

Top 11 Video Editing Software for Mac in 2023

Another household name of the block here being a part of Apple video editing software. However, its main advantage of coming for free to all macOS users should not get you into confusion. Namely, this app aggregates a number of basic features, which might be good enough for beginners but not professionals. We wouldn’t name it as professional video editing software for mac.

In particular, please think for yourself of the advantages and disadvantages it has:

  • Great choice and money saver for beginners;
  • The latest version supports 4K editing;
  • Relatively easy interface and audio tools;
  • Some popular special effects included by default;
  • YouTube sharing available.

Probably not the best or the fastest of cats but good quality for money, providing video editing tools for mac. Oh, sorry, no monetary terms directly involved here, since you’ve paid for your Apple gadget already.


Top 11 Video Editing Software for Mac in 2023

The cheap and cheerful open-source app is used for non-linear video editing and multimedia files transcoding. Obviously, not much can be expected from an open-source software allocation, but it does allow for all of the basic and necessary editing features, namely, cutting, encoding, edging, rotating, flipping, and filtering. 

Let’s summarize its key points as follows: 

  • App culture engaging official forum to exchange experiences, seek advice, and report bugs; 
  • Budget-friendly option it is totally free; 
  • Supports numerous video formats; 
  • Compresses and converts different formats, save large parts of videos; 
  • Cropping and resizing is available within Avidemux set of tools; 
  • The software also allows for a relatively high degree of automatization.   

Overall, quite a feasible option for those not willing to spend money on the Internet but obtain the result they need still, especially looking for a movie making software for mac


Top 11 Video Editing Software for Mac in 2023

Another open-source app, so why try harder? Seriously, it is some good choice for a newbie, allowing for quick and easy making of interactive videos, employing a simple drag and drop function. Mind you, it comes in 70+ languages as well as includes 3D animation, an impressive set of video editing tools, and other pleasant perks. 

Please allow us to summarize the picture below: 

  • Taken to a high-level animation; 
  • The impressive set of video effects;
  • Waveforms help you to visualize things;
  • Beginner’s choice; 
  • Easy to use and learn; 
  • It can be a bit slow and glitchy. 

Usually, you can’t expect much in such cases, but this one definitely exceeds the expectations. 

ZS4 Video Editor

Top 11 Video Editing Software for Mac in 2023

It comes with a title free video cutting software for mac, which is usually tasty for those not being used to paying for things. We certainly can’t blame you for this, really. 

This app has a few great advantages, namely as follows: 

  • Literally massive professionally-made movie database; 
  • Ability to blend numerous media types into one single output file; 
  • A suitable solution for both beginners and professionals. 

In case you don’t have major expectations and not searching for great perspectives, it may serve a good job for you. 


Top 11 Video Editing Software for Mac in 2023

They have named it a «free home and hobby» MacBook video editor, and probably, its main advantage was in the requirement for relatively small storage space, providing video editing tools for mac.

It can’t be named as very popular software, but it had its days, reflected by thousands of downloads. Comes in English only, though. 


Top 11 Video Editing Software for Mac in 2023

Open-source apps can be different, and Blender is an auspicious example among them. That is to say of its functionality, which 3D enthusiasts, designers, and artists may find exceptionally suitable to their needs. 

Worth mentioning that it comes with a built-in video sequence editor capable of video masking and color grading, just to name a few of its basic features.

There are a few perks to highlight as follows: 

  • Set of functions allows for work with animation and movable objects; 
  • Offers highly technological interface for various developers; 
  • A free tool, which can be used to sell created results;
  • Features up to 32 slots for adding things; 
  • Result of work of hundreds of contributors worldwide. 

To sum up, it is some great product delivered from one crowd of enthusiasts to another. 

Movavi Video Editor

Top 11 Video Editing Software for Mac in 2023

Beginner-friendly doesn’t mean boring, when it comes to this mac video editing software. Although it does feature an intuitive user interface and simple tools to create stunning videos, it has a lot more to offer. From basic trimming to advanced motion tracking and object animation, you can do just about anything with Movavi. So, here’s a quick overview of its main features:

  • Over 200 special effects, filters, and transitions
  • LUTs color grading and manual color correction
  • Slow motion, background removal, motion tracking, overlays
  • Audio editing tools – normalization, noise removal, synchronization, and more
  • Royalty-free music for your projects
  • Support for a wide range of popular video formats, including 4K Ultra HD
  • Various exporting options, including YouTube, TikTok, and Google Drive

With its comprehensive feature set, Movavi Video Editor for Mac is definitely worth considering. It’s the middle ground between open-source and professional video editing software, and it’s perfect for users who want to take their projects to the next level without breaking the bank.


Top 11 Video Editing Software for Mac in 2023

Last but not least quick video editor for mac, also known as “craft editor of choice”.

It is a relatively easy learnable product, providing a great opportunity to convert its finished products into other popular formats and upgrade to higher versions.

Nevertheless, its last place in the rank speaks for itself, not being able to provide its audience with revolutionary features but basic mac video editing software.

And so, what kind of things should one pay their attention to in a video editing software for Mac? 

Browsing the overview we have produced so far, we would like to highlight a few core points, which seem to be inevitable, yet, important to place under your consideration before finalizing any thoughts on video editing software for mac

To pay or not to pay? 

Certainly, it makes every sense to pay for something valuable or you are confident about. That is why it is probably better to opt for freebies talking of newbies but paid versions of a product for professionals. However, there is a compromise for both parties, namely a free trial, which is usually available in all cases. 

Compatible or not?

Technically speaking, your input should match the output, talking of formats of video editing software for Mac. For instance, those may support 4K and/or 8K or may not support them at all. Moreover, your shooting format may not match the one used by video editing programs for mac. Such disbalance may cause some serious trouble to you at a later stage. Watch out.

Top 11 Video Editing Software for Mac in 2023

Misbalance between features and benefits 

Apple editing video software may vary, as we have noticed so far. While looking for MacBook video editor, we do suggest weight the most important features you need and setting the list of priorities. Hope you don’t mind, but SolveigMM Video Splitter seems to be offering quite a good, well-balanced set, talking of video editor Mac.

Anyways, it is worth trying in any case as practice shows much more than theory does.

However, it should be highlighted that searching for an easy video editing software for beginners, and you should not necessarily opt for the cheapest and most basic option. Perhaps it makes sense to choose professional video editing software for mac, for the simple reason that you wouldn’t be choosing a sugar car learning to drive.

In conclusion, we would like to wish you every luck in choosing video editing tools for mac, since despite the relatively large variety of MacBook video editors available on the market, the choice is quite individual and not easy by all means. All video editing programs for mac seem to be quite more or less impressive, but each of them features at least one unique function.

And don’t forget that in the world of video editing, it’s important not only to choose the right software, but also to provide enough storage space for all your masterpieces. After all, what could be worse than an exciting creative process interrupted by a lack of storage space?

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