Video Splitter 8 – New features

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Video Splitter is a smart video editing tool that helps to edit media files of all popular file formats without re-encoding to preserve the quality of your input file in the output file. If you need to split, cut or join your video record, film, video presentation, sport event broadcasting recording or any other video or audio file, Video Splitter will easily help you with this, with just a few mouse clicks. We are pleased to present you the new version 8 of our popular editor with the bunch of new features.

New features of Video Splitter, version 8

Here we will demonstrate new version’s features with examples.

  • Support of 4K files in the Home Edition version
  • Support of MXF XDCAM and MXF XAVC files
  • Support for themes – “Dark” and “Light”
  • Zoom feature for preview
  • Collapse all cut intervals feature
  • Compare mode
  • Single installer for Free, Home, Business and Broadcast Editions
  • Floating license up to 5 computers
  • Free Edition of Video Splitter

Support of 4K files in the Home Edition version

We are hasten to share with you the good news: now in 8th version of Video Splitter we have added the support of 4K video files in the Home Edition.

Choose your license type of the product and enjoy all the benefits right now!

Purchase your version of Video Splitter 8 at its home page.


Support of MXF XDCAM and MXF XAVC files

The new Video Splitter 8 Broadcast Edition supports MXF XDCAM and MXF XAVC files frame accuracy editing. MXF is the standard for broadcast media interchange, storage and asset management and it is the media container for professional storage and processing of video and audio content. Good news, now it is possible to edit these file formats easily and without re-encoding in Video Splitter.

Support for themes – “Dark” and “Light”

In order to make your work with the program as comfortable as possible, we have added the option to choose a color theme for the program: “Dark” or “Light”.

Now you can select how Video Splitter will look like for yourself – just set the theme “Dark” or “Light” in Video Splitter’s preferences available at the  “Tools” menu – “Preferences” – “View” tab – “Theme” option.

Theme settings
Picture 1

Please see how Video Splitter 8 looks like with the “Dark” or “Light” theme.

“Dark” theme:


“Light” theme:


Zoom feature for preview

You might need to see some small details in video preview while selecting the sections for saving and removing. Therefore, we added this Zoom feature for the preview area.

Select the desired scale of the preview window: click the upper-right button with the option to select the scale as shown at the picture below.

Video Splitter zooming feature

Collapse all cut intervals feature

After the intervals are marked for cutting out, you will probably need to play the project to check if the start/end markers of the intervals are set right on the required frames. To do this, you can collapse all the intervals marked for deletion at once, and then play the remaining video all together.

You can collapse all intervals in several ways.

The first way: put your mouse cursor at the top of any interval selected for cutting out and right-click the button that will appear above the interval. Select the “Collapse All Fragments Marked as Cut Out” command.


The second way: right mouse click at the timeline with intervals marked for cutting out and select “Collapse All Fragments Marked as Cut Out” in the context menu.


After that you can playback all your fragments set to be saved to check your selection.

To expand the cut out fragments use “Expand All Fragments” context menu command.

Single installer for Free, Home, Business and Broadcast Editions

We have prepared the single installer for Free, Home, Business and Broadcast Editions.

Just decide which edition is suitable for you, purchase the license here and use it to register Video Splitter 8, to obtain a fully functional product of your choice.

You can see how the features vary in different editions of the Video Splitter 8 at the table below.

Feature support Free Home Business Broadcast
HD + + + +
FullHD + + +
4K + + +
CLI + +
Batch Manager + +
HEVC + + +
Projects save / load + + +
K-frame accuracy + + + +
Frame accuracy Max output duration – 15 m + + +
No watermarks + + +
Join files Max output duration – 30 m + + +
Compare mode + +

Compare mode

If you need to compare the quality of two video files e.g. in different resolutions or just for content identity, you can use the special compare mode of Video Splitter 8.

To enable this mode, please follow to Tools / Preferences and check up the “Enable compare video mode” feature.

Please note, the feature is available only in Business Edition and Broadcast versions of the Video Splitter.

Enable compare mode

Floating license up to 5 computers

Since version 8 we offer for purchase the floating license of Video Splitter that allows to register Video Splitter with the single license key on up to 5 computers and use the program on any of these computers at a time, not simultaneously. At the first launch on the computer, you need to pass the authorization, then for the next time, simply launch the product. The floating license key can be associated with one or different email addresses.

Floating license allows you to easily save your license in your account and to use Video Splitter on your different computers. No need to delete the license from one computer to move it to another anymore. Just register your account, login to Video Splitter once, then simply open the program to use it on the desired device. Be sure that the program is not launched on another PC.

Free Edition of the Video Splitter

Video Splitter 8 is now available in a Free Edition as this is a shareware product. The free version is available for evaluation for a lifetime.

To start the free version, open the product and click on the “Sign up or Login” button, then pass the authorization at our website page that will be opened in your browser.

Video Splitter Free Edition authorisation

Then select “Video Splitter Free Edition” in the dropdown list and click the “Get Started” button to open the product as the free version.

Video Splitter Free Edition

However, please note, that the Free Edition has several limitations:

  • Support up to HD files (with resolution of up to 1280х720 px)
  • Frame accurate editing with a maximum duration of 15 minutes.
  • Joining files with a maximum output duration of 30 minutes

Please see all limitations of Free Edition version in the table, here.

Purchase your version of Video Splitter 8 at its home page.


See also this guideline that will help you to activate it correctly.

Good luck with your editing projects!

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