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How to edit MP4 file

SolveigMM Video Splitter is intended for easily and losslessly media files editing of varios file formats. In this article we will describe how you can edit your MP4 file with this video editor.


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Assume that we would like to cut off two fragments from the initial file (e.g. to remove ads) in one pass and in frame accurate mode.

  1. At first we need to open our original file in Video Splitter. There are two ways to do this: you can click on the "Input" button of the Video Splitter window or you can go to File menu and choose Open Media File... 
  2. In the opened standard dialog window select file for editing.
  3. Then click the "Open" button.

Figure 1

Now you can choose the fragments to be saved and deleted in the final movie. At first you should mark this fragments using Video Splitter controls, menu or context meny commands. 

4. To find the beginning of the first fragment use Video slider or Ctrl + right and Ctrl + left hot keys. 

For more comfortable editing you can use the Video Splitter advanced options - visial timeline that allows to find easily the necessary frame.

Move your cursor "Zoom In" button and choose "Frame mode" or simply click on the "Zoom In" button to zoom in the timeline. The visial timeline will be enlarged and so you can find easily the needed fragment.


Figure 2

Move the timeline navigation bar right or left to find the frame of your movie beginning. To change the scale you can also left mouse click on the end or beginning of this bar and holding the mouse button move the beginning or end right or left.


Figure 3

5. Then add the marker by clicking the Add marker button on the splitting controls bar. Also you can add the marker by selecting the Add New Marker command of the contextual menu or Add Marker command from the Edit menu, or using the [M] hot key.

Then you can add the marker at the end of your first fragment. Markers divide movie into several fragments (see Basic Terms). In our example we divide our movie into four fragments by adding markers in the required places.


Figure 4

Note: To cancel the latest action use the Undo command of the Edit menu. The command name also contains the name of the last action, e.g. Undo (Add Marker), see Figure 5. The Redocommand of the Edit menu is used to perform the cancelled action. This command is inactive if no actions were undone.


Figure 5


Figure 6

6. Now you should select the fragment you want to cut off from the final movie by clicking on it your left mouse button.

7. Click the right mouse button on the selected fragemnt and choose "Cut out selected fragment command" to mark the selected fragment as ''cut off''.  This selected fragment that will be deleted will be marked with grey color (see Basic Terms).


Figure 7

8. By the same way select other fragments you want to cut off from the movie. In our example we marked the last fragment as ''cut off'' as described in 7. 
9. Click on the Trim button to start the file processing.
10. Choose the directory for file and enter the new file name in the opened standart Save As window. Click the Save button. In Video Splitter window you will see the current progress of file processing.

Finally, you will get the file without two fragments that were selected as "cut off".

We wish you success in your video editing projects!

A description of window elements is provided in table below.


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