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How to record a Skype session with HyperCam

Thanks to voice over Internet protocol programs, you can now make calls for free, or at a low cost, over the Internet.

Skype is probably the most widely used Internet Phone service for conference calls, conducting telephonic interviews or plain voice chatting. Sometimes you would like to record the call to make a podcast, save the conversation of the interview and keep only the needed parts of it.

Since Skype doesn't provide native support for recording voice conversations yet, you can easily record Skype Call Sessions using HyperCam 3. With HyperCam you can record as only audio, as only video or video and audio using

Here are the main steps:

     1. First, download HyperCam 3 from this link
     2. Install the program by running the setup executable. 
     3. Start and configure the program:

If you would like to record the audio only

1. Сlick on this icon on the HyperCam main window to disable video recording.


Go to “Options” -> “Video” and uncheck “Record video”.

You can also choose if you would like to record only yourself, your interlocutor or both speakers.

To record both speakers leave the default settings (System Audio + Microphone).

To record your interlocutor click on the “Microphone” to disable it.

To record yourself click on “System Aud” to disable it.

You can also change this setting in the popup menu of the main window or in the Options -> Audio -> Device combobox.

4. Click the “Record” button of HyperCam or the F2 hot key to start the recording.

5. Click on the “Call” button of Skype to call your interlocutor.


6. When the conversation will end, click on the stop button of HyperCam tray bar, main window or  press F3 hot key.

7. In the Recent Records section you will find your record.

If you would like to record the video only

1. Click on this icon of the main window to disable sound recording. 

You can choose the video compressor which will be used for your video creating and the output format.

For the best quality we recommend to use “WMVideo 9 Encoder DMO” video compressor.

2. Make the call to your interlocutor using “Video call” button of Skype.

3. Select the window of your video conversation by pressing “Window” icon of HyperCam main window. You can also use “Region” or “Full screen” modes.

4. Select the window of the video conference by pressing the “Select window” button and moving the cursor to the required window. It should be highlighted with the blue color. Press the left mouse button to choose it. 

5. When the video conference will start, press the Record button or the F2 hot key.

6. After its ending press the stop button of the HyperCam tray toolbar or the F3 hot key.

Your record will appear in the HyperCam "Recent records" section.

If you would like to record the both video and audio of your conversation

Use the “System Audio + Microphone” settings as the Audio options.

These settings are used in HyperCam (from 3.4 version) by default.

You can check or select them in the Options -> Audio -> Device combo box, the popup menu of the sound icon

or in the top area of the HyperCam window that appears after clicking on the sound icon.

To start and record the Skype session contains video and audio content, follow the steps 1 – 6 of the how to record video only section of this guideline. 

Good luck!