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How to split MP3 file



  By Olga Krovyakova - modified January 30, 2024, created November 27, 2021.

Wasting too much time trying to find a way to split an audio file? Have you searched for many audio editing programs, spent a lot of energy and lost confidence in finding something suitable? Тhere is a solution to this problem. You can edit MP3 and split it into separate tracks in SolveigMM Video Splitter. It is the most user-friendly and easy-to-use audio and video editing application. It works without losing the original quality of the file. Its interface is clear to the user. And this is important to save time to learn complex functionality.


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How to split audio files

To start splitting audio files into separate tracks, carefully follow this instruction:

1. Install MP3 splitter software SolveigMM Video Splitter on your PC (the software version must match the bitness of the computer OS).

2. Run the program.

3. To import the desired file, start the file selection dialog through the menu: File — Add multimedia files.

How to split MP3 file

4. Choose the MP3 or audio file of any other supported format from your local hard drive by clicking the left mouse button on its name. Then click the Open button or press Enter to add a file to the project.

How to split MP3 file

5. The next step is to drag the audio file to the timeline manually.

How to split MP3 file

6. Define some time of the beginning of the fragments. Put the markers at the desired time by moving the slider along the timeline. To select the end of one fragment you must put a slider at the required time and click the Add Marker button or use the hotkey M.

How to split MP3 file

7. After choosing all the necessary editing options do not forget to save the result of the work done. Click the Save button and in the «Save as» dialog box check the «Keep fragments independently». Select the file name and file save path in the dialog box. Then start the editing process. At the end you will get as many files as the number of fragments you selected.

How to split MP3 file

You will see a message about the successful completion of editing after the process of dividing the audio into fragments is completed.

You can find more additional information about the capabilities of SolveigMM Video Splitter on the page.

Watch how to split MP3 file



Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to split MP3 files?

Splitting MP3 files is a process of editing audio files. It means splitting up into multiple tracks or separate fragments. MP3 splitter can be useful for people who like to record radio shows, podcasts, cut audiobooks into chapters, digitize old records, cassettes, etc. You can get several small files from huge ones in a short period of time with the MP3 splitter. Then upload it to the website, send it by email, etc.


How to split the audio on the computer?

To split audio file into parts on the computer install Video Splitter from SolveigMM to your PC. Then use a text or video guide to split audio into tracks. After using our MP3 splitter software you will be sure that using the MP3 splitter can be simple and fast.


Can I split a WAV file?

Of course, you can. In SolveigMM Video Splitter you can split not only MP3 files, but also standard WAV files. To split a wav file you need to follow the same steps as dividing the MP3 into multiple tracks.


How do I split an MP3 audiobook into chapters?

To split an audiobook into chapters start Video Splitter. Then follow all the instructions successively placing markers at the desired time intervals. If you do everything correctly (and we have no doubt about it) you will get separate tracks with chapters of the audiobook, which you can copy to any gadget and listen to them without wasting time searching for where you left off.


Try MP3 audio splitter from SolveigMM today to make sure that the process of splitting audio files can be simple and fast! Next time when you need to edit audio files you do not have to look for a solution. You will always have one of the best MP3 splitter. And in addition it is not only for splitting audio files into parts, but it also has other useful functionality.


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