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How to save separate audios from MPEG-2 in batch mode



  By Olga Krovyakova - modified June 6, 2024, created March 29, 2019

Would you like to save several audio tracks from movie or a clip?! This guide explaines how to do it easily with SolveigMM Video Splitter if you have MPEG-2 file.  



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To save audio track from your movie: 

1. Open your file in Video Splitter. 


Picture 1

2. Move the file from the Media library to to the timeline.


Picture 2

2. If you want to save all audio content of movie or clip press "Save" button and choose "Audio only" from "Save as type" combobox as you can see on the picture below: 

3. Press the "Save" button.


Picture 3

If you want to use Batch Manager to perform several tasks:

1. Define the segment from which you would like to save audio content using video slider and "Add Marker" button.
2.  If you would like to save the audio track only from the selected segment(s), move the cursor to select the desired segment with the audio track.

3. To add task to the Batch Manager: go to "Tools" -> Batch Manager -> click on "Add Task To Batch Queue" item or press "A" button. Then go to the step

If you would like to save audio from several segments from the file to the single file, go to the next step.

If you would like to save the audio content from the segments of your file to the different files, skip the step 4.


Picture 4

4. Mark segments you would like to be deleted if needed. For this, move the mouse cursor to that segment and click on the button with "scissors" under the segment that will be arised.

Repeat this action for all segments you would like to be deleted.


Picture 5

5. Go to Control / Select streams menu to disable video track.


Picture 6

6. Click on the scissors button near the video track and make them "closed" as on the screenshot below.


Picture 7

7. Go to the Tools / Batch Manager / Add task to the Batch Manager menu item to add your task for editing to the Batch Manage of Video Splitter.

Batch Manager is useful when you have many tasks and would like to process several tasks at a time to make your work more operate.

Please note, Batch Manager is available only for Business and Broadcast Editions of Video Splitter.


Picture 8

Or right  mouse click on the fragment and select "Add Task To Batch Queue" item.


Picture 9

8. If you have not disabled the vide track in the Select streams window previously, you can choose "Audio only" from "Save as type" combobox as depicted on the first two pictures or click the "Select streams" button on this window and disable video track in the "Select streams" window that will be opened (see Picture 7).

If you have already disabled previously the video track in "Select streams" window, you can miss this step and go further.

9. Click the "Save" button in the opened dialog window.


Picture 10


10. Go to Tools -> Batch Manager -> Start Batch Processing.


Picture 11

You can do it also from the Batch Manager window. To open it go to Tools -> Batch Manager -> Show Batch Manager or press "B" button.

Then follow to Edit / Start Batch processing menu.


Picture 12

You will see the progress bar:


Picture 13

When the process of trimming will be completed you will see this message:


Picture 14

11. You can open the folder with output files by clicking the "Browse output file(s)" or by following to Tools / Explore folder / Output menu.


Picture 15

That's all! Good luck to you with your editing projects!


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 About the author

imageOlga Krovyakova is the Technical Support Manager in Solveig Multimedia since 2010.

She is the author of many text and video guidelines of company's products: Video Splitter, HyperCam, WMP Trimmer Plugin, AVI Trimmer+ and TriMP4.

She works with programs every day and therefore knows very well how they work. Сontact Olga via support@solveigmm.com if you have any questions. She will gladly assist you!